Please acknowledge this communication by January 3rd. 


All JYL Drivers 
FM:      Katie Richards, Operations Manager 
DT:      December 31, 2019 
RE:      Vehicle Empty

To all JYL drivers,

A few updates and/or reminders that need your attention:


MART has sent us a memo stating that effective immediately – all drivers are responsible for performing FULL visual inspections of the interior of their van. These interior inspections should be performed at the beginning AND end of each route. MART is being very strict with complying to the following guidelines…

  • At the beginning of each run, Driver must check the entire interior of their vehicle and then switch the Van Service sign to ‘Van in Service’

  • Once clients have exited the van, Driver must check the vehicle to ensure all clients are off the van and all belongings have been taken off the van and then switch the Van Service sign to ‘Van Empty’. This is to be performed at the program drop off location and at the last drop off location.

  • Drivers must complete these visual inspections for each of their runs including DDS, EIP, and DMA.


This is a MART requirement and MART inspectors will be out at programs to be sure that every driver is following this safety protocol. If you do not follow this protocol a written warning may be issued.